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Indian Armed Forces Answer to the Hatred in the World

INCREDIBLE INDIA: India’s Solution to the International problem of hatred – from the Armed forces fraternity.

Coming at the backdrop of the deadly killings in Paris, the World is witnessing renewed hatred between religions, communities and nation states, that seemingly may spiral into worse carnage if not checked right now. Killings in Paris and anywhere in the world is unjustified totally and is condemned unequivocally. Amongst this backdrop I get a message from my friend and course mate, a serving Colonel in the Indian Army.


He speaks about his experience after he was invited at the marriage ceremony of his colleague Nb Sub Jagir Khan who had died some years ago, when he was commanding that company. He writes…..

“An experience in the innumerable prospects of secularism…….Today , I, a left leaning, karha (bangle around the wrist which is a Sikh religious symbol) wearing, temple going, atheist Malayali Nair, was a prominent member of the bride’s family as the Nikah of Saira, daughter of my late colleague Jagir Khan was solemnized….

With me were three fauji colleagues, Sulinder Singh, a Hindu, Gurdarshan Singh a Sikh and Mausam Ali a Muslim.. Amongst the closest friends of Saira’s brother Amir, were two boys by the name Akash, running around to organise things, one of them conspicuously displaying his religious identity in the form of the red tilak on his forehead… Arrangements for guests were done in the house of the neighbour, Bharat Singh…

This is my close first hand encounter with this Spirit of India has convinced me that Indian Secularism is the only road to salvation for a world infested with hatred…”

I salute this friend of mine, and his colleagues.

Is there a lesson for us to learn? Does the sanskrit words “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means  “the world is one family” ring a bell today? What can we do better within our sphere of influence? Tell me how would you do it differently.

Jai Hind!


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One thought on “Indian Armed Forces Answer to the Hatred in the World

  1. Gavankar on said:

    No doubts on that Sajan. The problem with world today is that it does not have” time to pause and think”. It becomes even difficult, if the alternative is time consuming – as the problem is again “No time” – who will wait. If one can slow down a bit he can appreciate others and their issues. Then may be the others too will find some time to understand your problems. However, this does not seem to be happening. No one is willing to slow down. Still I wish people learn from Indian Armed Forces.

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