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Indian Defence Forces: Unlimited Liability?

A few weeks back when Col Santosh Mahadik, SM, made the Supreme Sacrifice in J&K, the Northern Army Commander said – “The ethos of the Indian Army, the culture of the Indian Army – these are things that are sometimes not very well understood. We have a concept of unlimited liability. A man goes into battle, a man faces terrorists and he faces them sometimes with certainty that he could lose his life.P1020623

This Unlimited Liability is what set me thinking. For someone who is ready to give his/ her life, what are we, as a Nation giving him back? If he has Unlimited Liability don’t we have any Liability to those who gave their Life for us, or those who are left behind because of it?

The stark reality of facts, is that I see old veterans in their sunset years, sitting at Jantar Mantar everyday asking their rightful dues. I don’t see those in power listening to them. These are living souls who are being treated such, then what about those souls who died fighting for us.

On Diwali day, I contacted my colleague’s wife. My colleague is up with the God’s having lost his life, fighting terrorists this year. Her WhatsApp status hit me right in the face – “Sach kaha thaa kisee ne, Tanhayi mein jeena seekhlo; Mohabbat jitnee bhi sachhi ho, Saath chod hi jaati hai”. To cheer her up, I messaged my Diwali Greetings to her. Her reply rattled me again – “Diwali, Dusshera, Holi saare festival apni life se nikal diya…Ab inki meri life mein koi zarurat nahi, Ab toh bus zindagi…kisee tarah chal rahi hai.” This is the Truth of those who had Unlimited Liability for our Nation. Can anyone get her “Suhaag” back? I am ready to pay. Life is not measured in money. Yet, those who are ready to die for us are called by some as “Paid to Die” or “Have lost relevance due to no wars in last 40 years”. This attitude of condescending is what hurts. Soldiers do not join only for the pay or money. They are a motivated lot. Mercenaries come for Money. It doesn’t take much intelligence to understand the difference.

How Do Other Nations Value their Soldiers? I have come across many examples which show how much the US or UK governments value this Unlimited Liability. They still salute their Heroes who gave their lives decades ago. They still honou5671914874527722928_Orgr them, they still value them, and they still celebrate them. They give them a place among the highest. This picture shows Prince Charles visiting their fallen Heroes in an Indian Cemetery in Pune. That sets me wondering, may be it is that attitude of theirs, that made them stand apart, and rule the world once, and are still among many nations that count in the international arena.

Don’t we as a Nation aspire to be the greatest in the world? Don’t we as a Nation want to have a Defence Force that is the pride of the Nation? Don’t we want the youth prefer to join the profession of Arms? If Yes, then the time to rewrite history is NOW! Show the Forces your support.

How Can You show them Your Support? Where ever You are, in whatever position You are, voice Your opinion in support of these men and women. If You come across a Veteran or a Serving Soldier give him more than his due. Go and be present when somebody nearby is being given their “Antim Salute”. Support the cause of the Veterans, by sharing their stories of valour, or stories of deprivation, in social media. Support the cause for creating a Veterans Day. Light a Candle for those who lose their life each day somewhere. Voice Yourself for their rights which gets denied to them. Show them that You are proud of them, show them that, we as a Nation, are worth the lives they are ready to sacrifice. Cheer for them as you would cheer in the cricket stadium. Keep these people in Your prayers every day. Even God can’t be deaf to a Billion Prayers.

Let us be that One Drop which will one day make the Mighty Ocean. Do Your bit- Will You?


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9 thoughts on “Indian Defence Forces: Unlimited Liability?

  1. AN Khanduri on said:

    “Paid to die” is the most inhuman phrase to be used by anyone. One should feel ashamed to have such a mentality & thought process. I feel sorry for such selfish, arrogant & ungrateful people. Very well written.

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    • Great thought and expression by the author. This country will in all probabilities continue to take its freedom for granted because those whom we choose to represent us rule us with indifference. Every one is so preoccupied with oneself that we have no time to look beyond the self. I hope and pray even then that our country men are at least mindful of the sacrifices made by our soldiers, of not grateful.

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  2. Srinivasan on said:

    Very well put Sajan. Most of us keep why others are not doing anything or helping the Faujis and the veterans alike. It is time to start introspective and find out why WE have not helped ourselves and what are We doing towards that end. Seriously thought provoking!!!

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  3. Whilst people are aware of this bitter truth about how soldiers are slighted, perhaps we as individuals are far too preoccupied to think of others because the people we elect to represent us have continued to fail us. A very good thought and I do hope this nation is at least mindful of the sacrifices made by soldiers even if not thankful.

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  4. Thamizh on said:

    Well said Sajan. I was fed up reading recent articles seeking higher pay packages in return for the Soldiering that the Faujis do. Yous para on “How can you show them your support” aptly brings out what we faujis are looking for. Good work Sajan.


  5. Anuradha Pawsey on said:

    Very well articulated. needs to be shared..


  6. GS Tewatia on said:

    General public of our nation loves its Army, after all Army men are from this public / society.However problem happens when the true picture does notreach them.Dont we al remember the Kargill days , when all Indians were given dailyupdates on the war and I am sure blood of all Indians used to boil listening to the valour of Saurabh Kalia , Batra , Surender Singh and others.As for today I feel the media is not playing its role properly may be due to political directions??? Or do they really feel Indrani murder story is more important for the nation to know?


  7. Hi sajan, thanks for the enlightenment…. My deep respect for our forces is a pledge from today.



  8. The way the Indian Government treats its Veterans – less said the better.
    On immigrating to Canada, I got a license plate for my car as “K REJI” with the red poppy and ‘Veteran’ inscribed on it, based on the military service I rendered in India.
    During the summer of 2015, Veteran Colonel Abraham Jacob and his wife came to spend a week with us. They were brought to the US side at the Niagara Falls by his sister and I went across the border to pick them up.
    Driving back home, we came to the Canadian Border Post and the Immigration Officer usually only swipes my Canadian Passport and no questions are asked as he has seen my license plate.
    Now I handed over two Indian Passports (of Col & Mrs Jacob) and he wanted to know who the passengers were. I told him that it was my first Commanding Officer Col Jacob and his wife. The Immigration Officer came out of his post, shook hands with Col Jacob, welcoming him to Canda and wishing him and his wife best of times in Canada.
    As we drove ahead, Col Jacob said “Had it been in India you would have been either thrashed or abused” (after the Delhi Police action on Veterans at Jantar Mantar).


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