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Save Money through Timely & Correct Career Counselling

I lost 15 lakhs. Yes. 15 Lakhs. Yes, that’s the amount I lost for NOT having the career counselling done on time.



I never knew about the benefits of career counselling. It just happened to me thanks to my friend Subhaashini who guided my child. I got the career counselling for my child done when he was almost half way through XIIth std. Even then it helped him tremendously. He understood that what he was studying for, was not as per his strength. He then prepared for the course which came out tops in the counselling. He passed the competitive exam and secured admission in a good college by merit.

I can now share with you how I have lost almost 15 lakh rupees for not having done the counselling earlier which ideally should have been done in 9th/ 10th. Had I got his counselling done in 9th/10th, I would not have wasted 3.5 lakhs that I paid for his IIT coaching from his 11th standard. Had he got 2 years to prepare for the UCEED exam, he would have aced it and got admission in B.Des at IIT Mumbai which would have cost me a total of 5-7 Lakhs only. Instead now I am paying almost 19 lakhs for the complete course. So that is 3.5+19 – 7= 15.5 Lakhs…. hard earned money that I could have used for my next child or invested wisely. What a loss!

This is the amount I lost for a child for whom I got the counselling done, but Late. You may calculate for a child who has NOT done the counselling at all. There was this child who had returned from Engineering 1st year and did not want to pursue it any further. You are wise to imagine how much the opportunity costs would be and add to it all the heart burn, stress and running around.

I came across a child who told me that he was counselled in his school by someone who told him that he is ideally fit to pursue Engineering. When I asked him, what were the test that were conducted, he told me that it was based on the marks he scored in just his Skills & Abilities test. His science marks were high and hence he was guided to pursue Engineering. This is totally incorrect. The correct method has a decided advantage over choosing a career arbitrarily based on a few choices, parents’ choice, friends choice, some role model, fascination or glamour.

The Right Assessment. Remember that the best career for a child should ideally be based on an assessment combination of Personality, Career Interests, Career values and the scenarios he/she would face in life and of course the child’s Skills and Abilities measured in terms of Verbal Ability, Mathematical Ability, Visual and Spatial Ability, Logical Ability, Organizing Ability, Leadership Ability, Social Ability etc. Only an assessment that covers the entire gamut can be believed. In addition, the tests that are administered should have a high reliability and validity.

The Right Career Counselling will help a child, identify what are their chances of being “successful, happy and effective” in a chosen career. It helps them to understand themselves more deeply with regards to their potential strengths and areas of improvement. Getting a road map for improving in various aspects of a personality is a boon at this age. Otherwise they might have to wait for life’s lessons which may put them at a risk for more struggle later. It gives them an opportunity to know the wide World of Work. Many options may be available, which they would have considered, had they known that they exist.

Benefits. Children get more clarity on their strengths, finding out the best career options that lie hidden within. Parents find out their blind spots in correct guidance. Parents experience immense relief when they realize that all is not lost and there is tremendous scope and options available for their child. Most of them were looking for a treasure in the wrong place, they could not find it, and concluded there was no treasure at all….when in fact it was just there, undiscovered.

Right Time: Ideal time for counselling is 9th/10th. If they are in 11th, then it is best done immediately and if they are in 12th, do it TODAY. You may write to for more information with your child’s age and location. I will guide you to your nearest counsellor or help you through an online video call.

Let each child find their ideal path and excel in that.  So that their future job is not hard work anymore, but Fun@work!

May your children achieve the Pinnacle of their Potential!


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7 thoughts on “Save Money through Timely & Correct Career Counselling

  1. Satish Kumar Yadav on said:

    Good post Sajan.


  2. Col K Chaturvedi on said:

    Excellent & very well written . Sajan , keep it up


  3. Bindu Cherungath on said:

    Sajan, this is a great write up… You are right. The career counselling at the right time would help students to choose their career path wisely …and true, one will not lose money and time as well…. Keep writing Sajan… U rock…


  4. Hi sajan,

    Waiting for you to reach Doha for a one on one with Nargees.
    Couldnt be a better timing for this my dear friend..
    Thanks… i am sharing this with your permission.

    Love Shan


  5. Nanda kishore on said:

    Sir really apt . Nowadays since parents are iver sensitive n conscious . There is anewd to identify child prodigy n direct them in right path


  6. Nanda kishore on said:

    Also we can request experts like Sajan sir to devise a new module suited for 10 yr olds to satisfy nagging parents. Also this counselling or module design will reinstate young minds full of confidence


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