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Lessons from Career Counselling

 “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein.

fish tree

Ironically in our quest to give our child the best future, we miss out on this stark truth. Every child is a genius with unique strengths. The critical question is, Have you discovered that genius in your child, which could unlock his full potential. Or are we making a fish climb up the tree?!

The years of life from Class 9 till the child enters college is a very sensitive time. Body changes coupled with academic expectations and little knowledge of the various options, peer pressure and parental pressure makes it a heady mix that most kids feel very much out of place in these growing years. They don’t know where to look for, to get some solace or a patient listening ear. Many take the easier or available options and then end up performing much lesser than their potential and later I have heard many of them say… “I wish someone guided me well”

Instead what if we could gift our children the ‘Clarity’ they need at the right time, in making the right career choices, aligning their unique Strengths, Personality, Skill sets, Values and Aptitude?career couns

Having crossed a fair number of career counselling’s from ages 14 to 54 (that’s the oldest Career Counselling I have done), I have few stories that I want to share. This may help someone at some point of time. More than 93% students and professionals that I counselled in the past year have gone into the same fields which came out strong for them. For many, they were not even aware that those fields existed. Let me share with you few cases.

Case 1: A 20 year old Child is in 2nd year of B Tech. Not performing well and requesting the parent that he be allowed to stop B Tech and do something else. The parents feel that the child is not even trying to do his basic efforts. There is tension. Through word of mouth they approach me. The counselling very clearly reveals the child has NO aptitude for Engineering but would do very well in Marketing or any profession that requires Human interaction. They allow the change to happen and presently the boy is doing BBA Marketing. Parents tell me that the boy is doing well now.

Case 2: Child in class XII. Already chosen Biology stream and is pushing hard to clear the NEET. Her heart tells that she may not make it but she does not have the courage to tell the parents. Career Counseling reveals that the girl has lukewarm interest in medicine but she would exceedingly do well in Psychology. The girl feels relieved and studies well. As expected she did not find herself in the NEET merit but got through to Psychology in DU that too in a very good college.

Case 3: Class X student. Brilliant in all aspects. Yet she only wanted to become a Chef because she hated Physics. I requested the parents to change her Physics teacher or provide her extra coaching. With her potential she could do something much more than a Chef. The parents were not aware of such a need for their child. They provide her Physics coaching. Recently I get a call from her proud Dad. She has topped her school in all subjects with scores of 99/100/98 etc. She is very confident of Physics and is now wanting to take up PCM in Class XI to aim for IIT.

Case 4: Child has completed BTech Mechatronics. Doesn’t know what to do next. And when I ask  him why he chose BTech, he just said – “That is what everyone took, so I went along”. He was very unhappy in those 4 years but he managed to come out unscathed. Career Counseling displayed that he is good for Management skills and he had a preference for Logistics. Presently he has got admission in a University in Australia for his Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Case 5: Child in Class XII. Parent extremely annoyed that the boy is just not studying. Boy is very annoyed that the parents don’t allow him to study at his pace. Boy wants to do Engineering or Sports but parents feel he cannot make it with his current preparation. Career Counseling reveals that the boy is indeed strong in Engineering but his skills and abilities need to be improved. The boy on realization studies well, and is currently in an Engineering College. Both parents and the child are relieved.

Case 6: Child studying 3rd year of Engineering. Parent calls me and says the son wants to stop engineering and do something else. When I ask the child why he chose Engineering if his mind was not there, his reply stunned me –“I did not choose Engineering, it chose me. I was not given a choice and I did not mind going along with my parents’ choice. But now I am into it, I just can’t do it. It took me three years of poor performance to just give up and confess to my parents that my mind is not in it”.  The counselling reveals that the boy is indeed right. His strengths lay in Arts and Language. Currently he is doing his Bachelors in Sociology to pursue Civil Services later. A relief for everyone.

I have so many more cases to talk about. Suffice to say that playing to your strengths always pays in the long run. While there is no substitute to hard work, yet if it is done in the field that you are most suited for, the results will be visible, quickly and rapidly. Such counselling help to enable the child to focus, reduces the tension at home and makes life pleasant for parents and children.

Dr. Chinu Agrawal, PhD, Director and Founder of Feeling Minds, has trained a number of career counselors across the country. If you want to contact any of them, please feel free to write to and we shall help you and your child (above 14 years) unlock their true potential, following a scientific career counselling using the best psychometric tools to arrive at a career path aligned to their unique strengths.  So many have benefited, so Why not Your Child.

Wishing you and your kids a Happy Life! Happy Career! Happy Future!

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3 thoughts on “Lessons from Career Counselling

  1. Very well put uncle. Love your writing

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  2. Pankaj Fotedar on said:

    I am sure Sajan that many more children will succeed post your counselling sessions with them. As parents we do grow up with biases towards education and issues that define success. In India the bias particularly towards medicine and engineering is pronounced. Career success is also measured within these two domains only. This mostly defines why engineers in India are doing sales jobs and not manufacturing/design jobs. Continue your momentum with scientific analysis so that parents as well as children are benefited by your advice. I, in particular, recommend it for every parent whose children are stepping into the four year pressure cooker zone.

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  3. It is more about allowing the children to define their Dreams, Aims and Goals – that too from high school days – without parental pressures.
    Like in Canada, all high schools must have adequate professional counsellors who guide the children through their high school and also help them make a choice about their higher education or career.
    Here it is not all about achieving a degree. As per StatCanada 2016 report, among the working age population, only 8% are post graduate, 17% graduate, 32% diploma holders, 20% high school graduates and rest below it.

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