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About SajanSpeaks

For me India and Being Indian is on the foremost of my thoughts. I have traveled widely and stayed in almost all places across India, sometimes I have stayed in a place for even 2-5 years. I have seen India and Indians closely. I feel this nation has something special in its culture and it is our responsibility to nurture it.

These are thoughts penned down when they occur deep within. I do a thorough research and then write them so that I do not make any factual errors. Leave a message for me if you want to add value to all.

Thank You for stopping by.


8 thoughts on “About SajanSpeaks

  1. S Guruprasad. on said:

    Sajan…Heart touching narration..The Closure….Kudos and good luck to you in all your altruistic and journslist ventures.

    Lt Col S Guruprasad ( Retd).

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  2. Keep up great informative work👍

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  3. AVM(Retd) R Khurana on said:

    Good, informative article. All service officers should read this.
    The Services have suffered, because most of the service officers remain ignorant of such issues.

    Let me add another weak area, where the Services have handed over the control to civilians and the result is detrimental to the Services. This is about Service Selection Boards. The whole process is being controlled by DIPR, consisting of psychologists. There are big pitfalls in our SSB system, resulting in loosing out in selecting correct material, very often rejecting very competent material.

    Some independent teams, preferably with service background should do in-depth study and come out with comprehensive article on the subject, like what Mr Sajan has done on the inter-se seniority with the civilians.


  4. Mangesh Gawade on said:

    All your articles are very helpful & informative. It would be of great help if you could write a article on Service selection board.


  5. As Mangesh Gawade mentioned, a look at SSB is welcomed.


  6. PV Iyer on said:

    Your motivation, ” India and Being Indian is foremost of my thoughts” is arguably the most powerful motivation that any Indian can have. No wonder your blog is full of such highly motivating and inspiring articles ! May your good effort grow from strength to strength !


  7. Arjun Subramaniam on said:

    Excellent Post on bravery around Tiger Hill. How can I get in touch with you? My email is and my Twitter handle is @rhinohistorian. I also happen to have written ‘India’s Wars: A Military History 1947-1971 and am
    Working on the sequel


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