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My Child Knows What to Pursue – Does this always hold True?

I was the one who always maintained that Career Counseling is NOT required for kids who know what to pursue. However, my belief was shattered to bits in two recent cases that I had dealt with. Many times, our kids / parents are influenced by external reasons to choose a particular career. In most cases they may even like it later. However, the bigger question is, should we leave it to chance, or should we have a scientific assessment to confirm the child’s choice of career?

Nikki (Name Changed) was a brilliant girl and scored high marks in Class X. The supportive parents encouraged her to go for Engineering and since her marks favored that decision the girl planned to crack the IIT JEE. She went to Kota (The hub for coaching centers) and dedicated two years of her life. She scored a mere 60% in Class XII and did not clear IIT JEE. Disgusted she returned to her hometown and took a drop year. After a yearlong study, she managed to clear MHCET and got admission to a good Engineering College in Pune in BTech in IT. Two years later she quit the college as she was not enjoying it anymore. So that was total of three years gone waste. She went to Mumbai and joined Bachelor’s in Mass Media. Her parents were supportive as usual. She enjoyed the course and pursued additional Diploma in Direction and landed up as Asst Director in a prestigious serial. She worked for a year. It was back breaking work with hardly any rest. It was time for a change. She was very pretty and decided to take a plunge in Acting because every one encouraged her to do that. She got a few offers, but everything slipped through due to casting couch issues. She was a girl with high values. She even undertook acting classes to improve her chances of getting a break. By this time, another 4 years went past. Corona devastated the Industry and it came to a standstill. At 28 she was back to Square 1 after 7 years of hit and trial.

That is the time Nikki approached me through her mom’s contact. She underwent the Psychometric Scientific analysis and found that Data Analytics was coming strong for her. A few months back she called me to inform me happily that she has joined for her Master’s in Data Analytics in a good institution in Bangalore and that she was enjoying that course. Her mom wrote to me-“Finally we see the light at the end of the tunnel”

That brings me to another IITian story. The boy in Class X had decided that he wants to be an Aeronautical Engineer. So the supportive father resigned from his job, shifted to Kota and gave his child the best possible atmosphere to clear IIT. The boy was technically brilliant, so he cleared the prestigious IIT JEE and got admission too in Aeronautical Engineering in a famous IIT. The father was on top of the world.

Four years later the boy tells his Dad that he has not enjoyed the four years of Engineering. They approach me and after the counseling sessions, it was revealed that the boy though technically brilliant was not suited for outdoor engineering like Mechanical, Civil or Aeronautical. Instead had he taken IT he would have enjoyed it. We also found that the boy was very good in Management. So he is now preparing for CAT. I am sure he will get through IIM and do a great work as a Project Manager and beyond.

These two incidents have replaced my Belief. Even if the child is sure what to do, it is always better to get a professional Scientific Career Counseling that uses Validated and Reliable tools.  Those needing help can mail me sajan(at) to find out the nearest counselor trained by the famous Psychologist and Psychotherapist Dr. Chinu Agrawal, PhD, Founder and Director of Feeling Minds.

As a Parent, we need to fulfill our responsibility of the origin of the word Parent- Pareto- “Bring Forth”. Bring Forth the very best in your child…Happily.

May you provide the best resources for your child to shine their best.

Is Dropping a Year an Option for Students in Class XII?

During my Career Counselling sessions, I have come across parents and few students who have decided to drop a year to attempt their competitive exams. Is this a wise choice?

Should I Drop a Year

Before we go on to decide if this is an option, let us see, why they think this as an option, in the first place. The most important reason is that, the students in most cases and parents in specific cases, want their kids to study well for their board exam, without burdening them with additional coaching for competitive exams like IIT or NEET. The other reason is that some of them fail to plan and forget applying for the exams and are forced to wait another year. The third reason is some of them really do not know what to do and hence give all exams and hope they pass in few. When they do not, they try for it the next year again. Last year, 3 students whom I counselled dropped a year as they got their clarity only towards the end. All three have got into the fields of their choice this year.

One of the ways to ensure that your child gets his/her aim in the first attempt itself is to understand what the child is good at. The correct way to go about is, to get the child career counselled using scientific tools and then decide which exams to seriously prepare for. That will also give you the insight into which exams to apply for well before time and not miss the dates.

As for the people who want to just concentrate on board exams only, well there is no “One Solution” that “Fits All”. My experience with dealing with children during counselling and then following it up with them later, has revealed that DROP YEAR should only be considered in case the child is a person who can organize themselves and their studies. I have noticed that students who are ready to go for an 8-10 hour regular tuition classes in a residential format, do better the next year and get through in NEET and IITs. However, for a Child who is disorganized and unplanned in most cases, do not get any benefit of dropping a year. Their scores would remain more or less the same.

Therefore the ideal pathway that parents should follow, is to first identify what your child is best suited for. I have counselled several students who have taken PCM Stream, when they are actually suited best for Arts or Commerce. We unnecessarily burden them with subjects they are not interested in. In fact one child, now in college confessed to me that his Class XI and XII were the darkest period of his life.

Parents must get those kids career counselled who do not have clarity as to what they should pursue. You may write to me at sajan(at) to know more about the Career Counselling process methodology designed by leading psychologist Dr. Chinu Agrawal, PhD, Founder Director of Feeling Minds, and to know counselors in your city.

Once the children understand which path to pursue, then fill in the applications for the exams, well in time. Please read my previous blog which highlights this dilemma HERE. (

Then start the preparation in due earnest in the first attempt itself. It is good to take the assistance of a home tutor or a coaching institute to prepare for the exams. You should think of a drop year only if your child is capable of sustained and regular efforts in the following year.

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. ” ― John F. Kennedy [State of the Union Address 11 Jan 1962]

I wish you the very best in getting your children to their pinnacle of their potential and settling them in great career paths ideally suited for them to have Happy Lives by planning ahead of time.

Good Luck to you and your kids.

Plan Ahead: Parents of Children in Class XII

Over the years, I have come across parents who fall into few categories. First ones are very serious about giving their kids the best education and they plan everything well. Second are parents who trust their kids’ choices and support them what ever it may be. Third are parents who believe that their kids will find a way for themselves. All of these parents have had immense success and few failures. But the one that I feel very sad about, fall in the fourth category; Parents who wake up too late to find the horse has already bolted from the stable and then try to latch it. I am addressing the fourth category, in particular.

As a Career Counselor speaking and interacting with hundreds of kids and double that number of parents, I still find there exists this fourth group of parents who wait till their kids complete their Class XII to decide their future. They do not realize by that time; a whole lot of options have already foreclosed for them because the applications and exams for many streams have already got over halfway through the Class XII.

The applications commence as early as July while your children have just entered Class XII. Yes, you heard that right. The first exam in Class XII for which a child is eligible is KVPY Exam for entry to the IISC. Application opens in July and exam is written in November. UPSC NDA & NAVAC Exam, application closes by September and the written exam is in November. The IIT JEE first exam is in December and all Design Exams like UCEED, NID, NIFT etc. get conducted in January for which the application closes by November of the previous year. Even The Film and Television Institute of India application closes in February, so is the case with the English & Foreign Language University entrance Exam. So, unless the parent and the child get the clarity of what they need to do, they may be trifle too late to decide and might even have to forego a year to get the career of their choice. Parents, please realize that the preparation for a good future starts with selecting the right Stream after Class X. That is the start point. It also gives children time to prepare for Competitive Exams in Class XII.

Many such cases are coming to me and it makes me feel sad. I wish they had come a few months before so that the child can usefully utilize the many options with them and get the time to prepare for the same. I still remember one child last year whose final counseling session was done on the day the Design exam UCEED application was closing. Obviously, the child did not make it in the exam because she hardly had any preparation time even though she would have done fantastically well in that, had she prepared. This year the numbers are higher, of the parents who came after Class XII results. What a wasted opportunity. Nevertheless they still found it helpful.

In my series of blogs, I have repeatedly insisted that you should take a call for the right career pathway immediately after Class X Exam or earlier so that the child can get clear 2 years to prepare for the competitive exams along with their Class XII exams. Otherwise taking a drop year is the only option left for the children and parents who do not plan well ahead.

Do get your child counseled early so that they have the clarity to pick and choose their best suited career paths. Please contact counselors near you or write to me at sajan (at) to find a career counselor who has been trained and certified by one of India’s leading psychologist, Dr. Chinu Agrawal, PhD, Director of Feeling Minds.

Thousands of kids have benefited, Why not yours?

Think, Plan, Act!

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